About Journey of Life

About Journey of Life

Welcome to Journey of Life Wellness Studio. We’re glad you’re here. We offer a range of wellness opportunities to support—and add some fun!—to your journey, whether you’re taking your first step or you’ve been on the path for decades. We invite you to check out our beautiful studio space where we hold a variety of fitness and wellness classes for both adults and children. Or, make an appointment with one of our skilled practitioners, who offer personal training, acupressure, Reiki and reflexology. You can also peruse our rich lending library, which is stocked with wellness books and resources.  Journey of Life also hosts workshops on a variety of wellness topics, as well as a monthly Red Tent, which provides a place for women to rest, rejuvenate and share their stories. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch about these events and more. The Journey of Life team is committed to the well-being of the community. We are proud of the welcoming, nurturing, family atmosphere of the Studio.  We hope to see you soon.



Spiral (spī′rəl):

1. From outer consciousness to inner consciousness;
2. Beginning from the core and expanding outward; growth; rebirth
3. Mother goddess; womb; childbirth; fertility
4. The sun; the cycles of life and nature; The Universe, cosmic force
5. Change; passing by the same point over and over again, but with a different perspective each time

The Spiral is the Journey of Life!!



A Little History

Our story began in 2012 when Meriah Jacobs-Frost opened Dancing Lotus Fitness for fitness classes. When Meriah moved a year later, one of the fitness instructors, Erica Neis, took over Dancing Lotus Fitness as its new owner. About a year after that, in September 2014, Erica began the expansion into Journey of Life Wellness Studio.  Erica is passionate about holistic wellness, and is excited to bring much-needed classes, services, workshops, and support groups to Lake Mills and the surrounding communities.  But it is the family of participants and supporters that have truly made this dream come to fruition.